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The Elf Line of Literature and

    [Full texts are in Larger Print and Starred*** and the rest are samples
    of the author mentioned -- either an entire poem, extract, collection,
    review, short story or book. There are smaller bits of many other
    authors and texts to be found under the pertinent goddess at The
    Court of the Muses.]


          The Mimes of Herodas (aka Herondas), English
564 B. C.


259 B. C.
     240 B. C.
      100 B.C.

1st century AD

   Statius, The Silvae, Translated with Introduction and Notes by   
D. A. Slater***

   2nd century AD

Xenophon's Ephesian History: or the Love-
       Adventures of Abrocomas and Anthia.***
               Translated by Mr. Rooke

3rd Century


4th Century

5th Century

    Colluthus***, translated by A. W. Mair
               Tryphiodorus***, translated by A. W. Mair


         Alfred the Great
    Abelard and Heloise
    Bertran de Born
10th Century


    Collections of Medieval Legends, Allegories,Satires, Romances

    11th CENTURY

      12th CENTURY

                    by William Aspenwall Bradley

    13th CENTURY

                      by Alfonso X, King of Leon and Castile

    Alfonso X, King of Leon and Castile
    St. Francis of Assisi
    Frederick II.
    Cielo dal Camo
    Rustico Di Filippo

     14th CENTURY

      15th CENTURY

    Poggio Bracciolini:
                    Facetia Erotica by Poggio Fiorentino (Anonymous



    Niccolo Machiavelli: Poem, Novel
    Alessandro Girolamo Sozzini
    Giovanni Brevio
    Pietro Fortini
    Gentile Sermini
    Agnolo Firenzuola
    Bernardo Illicini
    Girolamo Parabosco

                                                      with illustrations by the Marquis de Bayros



                               Eusebius Pamphilus :  His Ten Books of Ecclesiastical

       Mr. Rooke, translator:
                 Xenophon's Ephesian History: or the Love-
           Adventures of Abrocomas and Anthia.***


     19th CENTURY

    William Blake
    Richard Hovey
    Edward Jesse, Esq.
    Lionel Johnson
    Fiona McLeod (Robert Sharpe)
    Matthew Arnold
    Alfred Tennyson
    Walt Whitman
    James K. Paulding
    Washington Irving
    Fitz-Greene Halleck
    Augustus B. Longstreet
    Seba Smith
    William Cullen Bryant
    Robert C. Sands
    Albert Gorton Greene
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
    N. P. Willis
    Edmund Quincy
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
    William Tappan Thompson
    Henry Ward Beecher
    Frantz Funck-Brentano, The Man with the Iron Mask***, translated by
    George Maidment, from Legends of the Bastille.
           John Addington Symonds
           John Timbs

           William Andrews, Old Church Lore***
              as editor:
                              Antiquities and Curiosities                   
                              of the Church***

           Grant Allen
           Montague Ford
           Gail Hamilton
           Leon Mead
           Charles Farrar Browne (Artemus Ward)  
           Charles Eliot Norton
           Robert J. Burdette
           Reginald Lane Poole
           Edward Jesse, Esq.
           Edward Lear
           Thomas Yriarte
           Alexandre Dumas
           Henry Swinburne  
           Peter Christen Asbjörnsen
           Sir George Dasent
           Theophile Gautier

       Epiphanius Wilson, translator, The Forty Vezirs***

         My Lady Pokahontas*** Writ by Anas Todkill;
                With Notes by John Esten Cooke [fiction]


           Cornwall's Wonderland***, by Mable Quiller Couch
                     collected from the Peasants by Helene Vacaresco,

    James T. Shotwell

    21st century