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It is a pleasure to put online a personable historian like John Fiske. It is doubly so when the work includes proof of his high ethical standards, displayed by his revision of a previous lecture on Oregon and its settlement by Whitman, after being made aware of new information discounting his role.

The Bibliophile Society printed this edition containing three speeches Fiske delivered, which they published for the first time in 1902. They encompass the discovery of The Columbia River and the settlement of Oregon, Crispus Attucks and the Boston Massacre, and Christopher Columbus - the man and his vision.

More details now would spoil it for you. It is pleasant and absorbing reading and contains a wealth of information not commonly known upon all these subjects.

Bon voyage!

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John Fiske's Unpublished Orations

Title Pages

Introduction, by W. P. Trent of the Bibliophile Society,
Excerpt by Fiske on Old and New Ways of Treating History
and a Prefatory Note by his wife, Abby M. Fiske

The Discovery of the Columbia River

Crispus Attucks

Christopher Columbus


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