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Here is the First book of Children's Literature we found
to put up on Elfinspell:  

Goldenrod Fairy Book, translated by Esther

Charm and novelty abound in these pages.  Newly
discovered fairy tales are always a welcome find.

Beth Romanek and her grandchildren, Ryan and Destiny
were the reason this book was selected.   The hope was
that Beth would be able to add illustrations from her
own fertile and artistic imagination, but the idea was too
late for her to be able to do so before her death from
the most voracious, relentless cancer of all,
adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.

She did enjoy
the White Cat and Huntsman the Unlucky
at least, before listening to fairy tales was beyond her.

Maybe, Destiny and Ryan will be able to enjoy the stories
that Beth loved some day, and be able to imagine what
their Nana would have drawn to delight them if she had
had more time.