Online Introduction to

Cobb’s Bill of Fare
by Irvin S. Cobb.

I had heard of Irvin S. Cobb, but it was not until Harold Greer over across the mountain in Virginia, vowed that he was one of his favorite old authors, that I decided to check out his writing.

Harold was not wrong!

This collection of essays is pretty dang funny.

After reading some of it to my Mom over the phone and hearing her chortle and snort -- melodiously -- with delight, she told me that Irvin Cobb was a great favorite of her father's. She, too, had loved to read Cobb as a child along with her Dad.

About the pictures — the illustrations aren’t signed in every case. The two artists who did the illustrations are Peter Newell and James M. Preston. When the pictures were signed, the proper artist was credited in the picture credits in the source code.

There’s a smile or two or twenty to be had by almost anybody in these pages.

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Cobb’s Bill of Fare

Yellow print, from the inside cover pages (it is repeated in 2 endpapers in both the front and back of the text.  It shows a man seated at a table holding knife and fork in each hand.  Around him is a border with small pictures of a baseball player, sailboat, artist's palette, etc., to fit in with the themes in the book.