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Classical Geography

by H. F. Tozer.

This is a handy little book, from the Literature Primer Series: Classical Geography, by H. F. Tozer. It is abridged from his much larger book with the same name. It was designed for the use of students who needed an idea about ancient geography, without as much detail as more advanced readers would require.

Professor Tozer’s work, in both versions, was widely used and considered a valuable resource for schools in the years after it was written. The early 20th Century was a better time for learning history.

This text is valuable because it describes, not just cities, but the mountains, rivers, and coasts that make up the countries as it was seen by those who lived and wrote in the classical period. Much of the physical description of the landscape remains true to today.

It is a small book, but useful. It would be even more useful if it had an index. If I should get bored, I might make one!

If anybody would like an index, please ask, and I will scurry and do it.

The best thing about reading this with a little attention? Since so much of the world was unknown to the classic writers, knowing as much geography as they knew is a lot easier to do than it would be to try to do the same thing today.

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