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Online Introduction to :

Some Experiences of an Irish R.M.,

E. Œ. Somerville and Martin Ross,
with Illustrations by E. Œ. Somerville

From the germ of an extract, already online, that was pretty funny sprouted the complete, full-grown text of this book that remains highly popular in England after 100 years or so. It was made into a television series in the 1980’s.

Sometimes the class snobbery, and unquestioned violence both to 2 and 4 legged critters which seems quite alright to the authors is repellant. It is an accurate reflection of the still popular mores of most of the world today. I know, I know, try not to barf at the thought. It is balanced, though, with a large dose of lampooning of the upper crust as well.

It is interesting to note that the authors signed their names by first initials only. This was probably done to disguise their gender, especially as this series was printed in a very popular sporting magazine in England in the Victorian era. At this time, women writers abounded and did not hide this fact and were received well throughout the United Kingdom and in the United States. I guess that tolerance would not have extended to hunting and sports publications. That too, is still the case generally.

The pictures will show up someday, but the text of the whole book is ready now.

[As of June, 2012, the pictures have finally been added!]

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