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Do you ever wonder how the knights and ladies in their castles and their folk entertained themselves after work without TV and radio?

Here are the stories they listened to. They are delightful, often funny and not childish at all. There are enough unexpected twists and turns in the plots that it will not surprise you that someone bothered to write them done and others bothered to preserve them.

Maybe some day, someone will find (or write anew) the music that the troubadours played as they told these tales 700 years ago in great halls in castles, and in marketplaces on fair days throughout medieval Europe.

This translation of Mr. Mason’s is especially important because he did not expurgate as earlier translators did. Aucassin and Nicolette by earlier writers had been edited by both the Frenchman M. Le Grand, and so by Mr. Way, his translator into English. This is one of the most popular and longlasting of the medieval legends. One of the best segments of this story was left out in the earlier English versions. You can see this translation here on this site.

Enough chat. Here you go:

Aucassin & Nicolette and other Mediaeval Romances and Legends translated from the French by Eugene Mason


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