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calliope --

the muse
of epic poetry:

full length fiction, or long extracts, and collections,
either of epic poetry or prose.


An Anglo-Saxon Epic translated by Albert S. Cook and his students

An Intended National Work
(Monks and Giants)
by John Hookham Frere

The Sparrowgrass Papers
A California Ballad
Captain Belgrave

Dr. Bushwhacker and Other Wise Men

Sayings, Wise and Otherwise

Acadia; or a Month with the Blue Noses
Frederic S. Cozzens

The Mimes of Herondas
English Version by M. S. Buck

The Sybilline Oracles
Translated by Milton S. Terry

translated by Thomas Underdowne
revised by F. A. Wright,
further editing by S. Rhoads

translated y A. W. Mair

translated by A. W. Mair

Lucian's Wonderland
A translation of the Vera Historia
by Lucian of Samosata
St J. B. Wynne Willson
illustrated by J. Payne Garnett

Xenophon's Ephesian History:
or the Love-Adventures of
Abrocomas and Anthia
in Five Books.
Translated from the Greek by
Mr. Rooke.
(The Ephesiaca)

The Works of Pietro Aretino,
Volume I:
Dialogues of Pietro Aretino
The Courtezan
translated by Samuel Putnam,
with a biography by Putnam

Volume II:
Biography by Francesco de Sanctis
The Letters
The Sonnets

Legends and Satires of the Middle Ages
translated by Martha Hale Shackford

Old World Love-Stories
translated by Eugene Mason

Medieval Romance and Legends
translated by Eugene Mason

Early English Romances of Love
translated by Edith Rickert

Early English Romances of Friendship
translated by Edith Rickert


by Henry Sydnor Harrison

Count Lucanor; or
The Fifty Pleasant Stories of Patronio
The Prince Don Juan Manuel
translated  by
James York, M.D.

Il Novellino, The Hundred Old Tales
translated by Edward Storer

The Oldest Story in the World
(c. 3100 BC)

Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.
E. Œ. Somerville and Martin Ross

The Italian Novelists,
With Critical and Biographical Notices
Thomas Roscoe

The Underworld as Described by Aeneas
from the Aeneid
by Virgil  
Sir Charles Bowen

The Aeneid
by Vergil
Translated by J. P. Mackail

Dante and Virgil in the Shades
from The Inferno
A prose translation
John Carlyle

Literally and Completely from the Greek,
with Introduction and Notes

The Infernal Marriage
Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield

Odette, a Fairy Tale for Weary People
Ronald Firbank
illustrated by Albert Buhrer

Fabliaux or Tales,
Abridged from
Manuscripts of the 12th and 13th Centuries,
by M. Le Grand,
selected and translated into English verse, by
the late G. L. Way, Esq.,with a Preface, Notes, and Appendix, by the Late G. Ellis, Esq.
Volume I.

The Wish Fairy of the
Sunshine and Shadow Forest,
by Alice Ross Colver

The Forty Vezirs
translated by Epiphanius Wilson

The Goldenrod Fairy Book
by Esther Singleton

The World's Wit and Humor,
Volume I, American
Volume XIII, Italian-Spanish
Volume XIV, Russian, Scandinavian, and Miscellaneous

The Sibylline Oracles,
translated from the Greek into
English Blank Verse
by Milton S. Terry

Warrior, The Untamed
by Will Irwin
Illustrated by F. R. Gruger

My Lady Pokahontas
Writ by Anas Todkill
With Notes by John Esten Cooke

The Man With The Broken Ear
by Edmond About,
translated from the French by Henry Holt

The King of the Mountains
by Edmond About,
translated from the French with a Critical Introduction
by Andrew Lang,
a Frontispiece and Numerous Other Portraits with Descriptive Notes,
by Octave Uzannem and
a Biographical Note by Edmund Gosse

Cobb's Bill of Fare
by Irvin S. Cobb
by Peter Newell and James Preston

One Third Off
Some Thoughts on Deflation
by Irvin S. Cobb,
illustrated by Tony Sarg

The Bard of the Dimbovitza
Roumanian Folk-Songs
collected by Helene Vacaresco
translated into English by Carmen Sylva
(Queen Elizabeth de Wied of Romania)
and Alma Strettel

Cornwall's Wonderland
by Mabel Quiller Couch

Carmina Macaronica
(in French)
by A. Tristellati
a partial English translation by S. Rhoads)

Patrañas, or Spanish Stories, Legendary and Traditional
by Rachel Busk
with an Illustration by E. H. Corbould

Fables & Folk-tales from an Eastern Forest
Collected and Translated by
Walter Skeat,
Illustrated by F, H, Townsend

The Luck of the Bean-rows,
A Fairy-tale for Lucky Children,
translated from the French of
Charles Nodier,
Illustrated by
Claud Lovat Fraser
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