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Colluthus lived and wrote around 500

One of his works was an epic poem to
add to the homeric stories that began
with the tale of troy.

Here is his explanation of the cause of
the war between the greeks and the

He adds his own view of helen's role in
the beginning of the 10 year long
battle between heroes.  Centuries of
people have wondered if this most
famous heroine went to troy
willingly or was abducted.  Here is
Colluthus' guess.

the english translation has been done
by A. W. Mair, in the early 1900's in the
scholarly tradition of his time.  

for the first time on the web, read
"the rape of helen" (the poem) by
Colluthus (about the author and the


The word "rape" is translated by Mair
from the Greek word meaning: 'the act
of carrying off by force; rapine;
pillage; robbery' ---- according to
Donnegan's "Greek and english

It can be ALSO BE translated BY the
Abduction, see David whitehead's
notes for the entry on Colluthus in
the Suda Online.
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