Editor's Introduction to the Online Text of

Old Church Lore.

by William Andrews.

This author, William Andrews, ran his own small press in England in the nineteenth century. His books were all popular histories of ancient customs, rare relics and odd facts. Among his sources, he used many of the popular guides to localities written by churchmen in the parishes where they were employed. Much valuable information was gathered by these men, who had a sincere interest in preserving the old papers and monuments of history. They also had access to the old documents in the churches where they worked and found them fascinating reading and a font of information on the history of their parishes.

The book is a mine of rare information, full of delectable trivia. It is sure to please any who wish to know that last detail, the final touch that completes a mental picture of the habits, accessories and beliefs of a world now gone.

The pictures are exceptionally clear as well.

Pleasant browsing is in store here, something is sure to catch your interest in these pages once you begin.

The title page includes a picture of a clog-almanack, apparently a remnant from the invasions of the Northmen, so do start with it HERE.

The book has no Table of Contents, but here is my version of one:

Title Pages and Frontispiece of a Clog Calendar

The Right of Sanctuary

The Romance of Trial

A Fight between the Mayor of Hull and Archbishop of York

Chapels on Bridges

Charter Horns

The Old English Sunday

The Easter Sepulchres

St. Paul's Cross

Cheapside Cross

The Biddenden Maids Charity

Plagues and Pestilences

A King Curing an Abbot of Indigestion

The Services and Customs of Royal Oak Day

Marrying in a White Sheet

Marrying under the Gallows

Kissing the Bride

Hot Ale at Weddings

Marrying Children

The Passing Bell

Concerning Coffins

The Curfew Bell

Curious Symbols of the Saints

Acrobats on Steeples