Committed to the Open Source Experiment,
as much as possible of the workings of
Elfinspell will be available for inspection by
any who are interested.

Our reasons are simple.

Our bold and glorious odyssey has been
tried by thousands before with the same
goals and components, in varying mixtures
and with as many diverse results:

1.  What works and doesn't work and why is
of enormous utility to those who next make
the same attempt.

2.  This is the outgrowth of witnessing and
being unable to help, as individuals, all those
who strive to make a living in the erratic world
of arts and letters, or those who have causes
that embrace any noble concept powered by
heart-felt beliefs and have struggled vainly to
learn the way to effect change.

3.  We all have other jobs.  (Trying not to get
our hopes up that we can do this full time and
be deliriously happy.)

Open source means that we will get lots of
advice, saving endless searches on our own
in unfamiliar areas.   We will share what we
hear with anyone body who also is
wondering about the same stuff as us.  Plus
we won't have to forward good or bad news
to anybody.  Everybody will know everything
we know at the same time.  Double plus:
E-mail usage will be minimized.

4.  If somebody is doing something, someone
can do better, and they tell us so, we'll
certainly listen.



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