Hopefully, what you wish to say can be said on one of the
boards, since we are dying to have open two-way
communication.  Please consider trying these first

If you would prefer not to go this route then you can e-mail:

Barring major crises, e-mail is checked daily so writing one

If you would like to call, you may do that as a very last resort.  
Besides, we are so eager to talk after days of typing and trying
to learn basic web design we might never let you off the phone
and your long distance bill will be so high, we'll be sorry,
because you could have used the money in the
Garden and
bought a beautiful treasure and supported more talented and
less wordy types.

Know this though, we don't believe in answering machines.  If
no answer, either e-mail, or call back if we don't pick up.  

Don't say you weren't warned and if you must call, click