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From The Wit and Humor of America, edited by Marshall P. Wilder, Volume III, New York and London: Funk and Wagnalls and Company, 1911; pp. 542-543.




Sleep, mah li’l pigeon, don’ you’ heah yo’ mammy coo?

Sunset still a-shinin’ in de wes’;

Sky am full o’ windesh an’ de stahs am peepin’ froo — 

Eb’ryt’ing but mammy’s lamb at res’.

Swing ’im to’ds de Eas’lan’,

Swing ’im to’ds de Souf — 

See dat dove a-comin’ wif a olive in ’is mouf!

Angel hahps a-hummin’,

Angel banjos strumming’ — 

Sleep, mah li’l pigeon, don’ yo’ heah yo’ mammy coo?

Cricket fiddleh scrapin’ off de rozzum f’um ’is bow,

Whippo’will a-mo’nin’ on a lawg;

Moon ez pale ez hit kin be a-risin’ mighty slow — 

Stahtled at de bahkin’ ob de dawg;

Swing de baby Eas’way,

Swing de baby Wes’,

Swing ’im to’ds de Souflan’ whah de melon grow de bes’!

Angel singers singin’,

Angel bells a-ringin’,

Sleep, mah li’l pigeon, don’ yo’ heah yo’ mammy coo?

Eyelids des a-droopin’ li’l loweh all de w’ile,

Undeh lip a-saggin’ des a mite;

Li’l baby toofies showin’ so’t o’ lak a smile,

Whiteh dan de snow, or des ez white.


Swing ’im to’ds de No’flan”,

Swing ’im to’ds de Eas’ — 

Woolly cloud a-comin’ fo’ t’ wrap ’im in ’is fleece!

Angel ban’ a-playin’ — 

Whut dat music sayin’?

“Sleep, mah li’l pigeon, don’ yo’ heah yo’ mammy coo?”

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