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Online Introduction To


By Conradi and Thomas

This book is my late Christmas present to Karl Wuoti, my daughter’s darlin’. He is working on a cartoon strip all about garden pests, after he and Tory did a stint of organic farming in Oregon last summer.

Simple explanations with basic facts about crop-damaging critters in a semi-interesting “adventure-tale format,” might be just the thing to add authenticity.

So that’s the story behind these stories.

Plus, the webpages are in Karl’s favorite colors. What more can any gentleman want?

Because of the time it was written, in the post-war South, all sorts of descriptive terms used for stories told about the late "Great War," pervade the writing. These children, for whom the book was intended, would still be hearing all about the battle years in their families.

So get-along, sugar, and read this book and be inspired.



Title Pages, Foreword & Table of Contents


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