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From Readings in Ancient History, Illustrative Extracts from the Sources, Volume II. Rome and the West, by William Stearns Davis; Allyn and Bacon; Boston; 1913; p. 6.




Inscription in “Corpus Inscript. Lat.,” vol. VI, p. 637

This inscription for the month of May was on a marble cube, on the four sides whereof were indications of the works and festivals for each month. Notice the brief, pithy injunctions, — very suitable for a community of hard-headed, totally unimaginative rustics.

The month of May

Thirty-one days, with the nones falling on the seventh day. The day has fourteen and one half hours. The night has nine and one half hours. The sun is under the sign of Taurus. The month of May is under the protection of Apollo.

The corn is weeded.

The sheep are shorn.

The wool is washed.

The young steers are put under the yoke.

The vetch in the meadows is cut.

The lustration of the crops is made. Sacrifices (ought to be made) to Mercury and to Flora.


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