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Online Introduction to

De Die Natali, by Censorinus


Life of the Emperor Hadrian, by ‘Aelianus Spartianus’

Translated by William Maude


(The following list of books is to be read in connection with the lists published in the author’s previous works. The numbers at the end of each title are the press marks of the British Museum library.)

If a boy starts out to pick blackberries in Jones’ woods pasture, and tells his mother he’s going to Jones’ pasture, and tells the boys and everybody he meets that he is going to Jones’ pasture, and then in going along Smith’s fence he finds so many berries he fills his pail, and does not go to Jones’ pasture at all, he has not done unwisely. He might have passed all those berries and when he got to Jones pasture have found none.
     So some men, had they written a head “Whither are we drifting?” are such slaves to custom and conventionality, that they would have gone straight to that subject, looking neither to the right nor left, paying no attention to the berries in the fence corners.
     I am no such slave to custom and conventionality as that, and if I filled my basket before getting to Jones’ pasture, I am glad of it."

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