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Terpsichore, the muse of dancing.
How to portray this on elfinspell is a matter of ongoing

For now,  vigorous play and artists of movement seem

Mummers qualify as well.   As here in
St. George Play.  

What a treat this would be as a school production at
Christmans time, as a change for kids and parents!

Acrobats have a special gift, and Terpsichore must be
their muse.   Take a look at two versions of this very old
Our Lady's Tumbler.  It is easy to imagine
Baryshnikov in the lead, if this were to be turned into a
performance today.  The first English translation is by
and the second is by Eugene Mason.

Last  (for now) an entry about
tennis, from the Dictionary
of Faith and Folklore.   A little about the
History of
Football as well.  After all,  Sports  need muses, too.

Okay, found some more.  How about some skits from
Ancient Greece,  this is the only complete English
translation now up on the web of Herondas aka Herodas
from the third century B. C.  It's an eye-opener, that's for
sure.   Take a look

The Clay-Cart, the Oldest Hindu drama, c. 1st or 2nd
century B. C., translated and abridged by Sir Monier

And another more modern odd and funny Mummer's Play
can be found here, called
Inside Stuff, A Gastronomical
Fantasy, by Theodore Pratt.