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From The Wit and Humor of America, edited by Marshall P. Wilder, Volume IV, New York and London: Funk and Wagnalls and Company, 1911; pp. 714.




I turned to the dictionary
     For a word I couldn’t spell,
And closed the book when I found it
     And dipped my pen in the well.

Then I thought to myself, “How was it?”
     With a sense of inward pain,
And still ’twas a little doubtful,
     So I turned to the book again.

This time I remarkd, “How easy!”
     As I muttered each letter o’er,
But when I got to the inkwell
     ’Twas gone, as it went before.

Then I grabbed that dictionary
     And I sped its pages through,
And under my nose I put it
     With that doubtful word in view.

I held it down with my body
     While I gripped that pen quite fast,
And I howled, as I traced each letter:
     ”I’ve got you now, at last!”

 *  Lippincott’s Magazine.

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