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From From Songs & Sonnets of Pierre de Ronsard, Translated into English Verse with an Introductory Essay and Notes by Curtis Hidden Page; Houghton Mifflin Company; Boston and New York; 1903 and 1924; p. 37.


Pierre de Ronsard (1524-1585)

Translated from the French by Curtis Hidden Page


I WANT three days to read the Iliad through!
   So, Corydon, close fast my chamber door.
   If anything should bother me before
I’ve done, I swear you’ll have somewhat to rue!

No! not the servant, nor your mate, nor you
   Shall come to make the bed or clean the floor.
   I must have three good quiet days — or four.
Then I’ll make merry for a week or two.

Ah! but — if any one should come from HER ,
   Admit him quickly! Be no loiterer,
   But come and make me brave for his receiving.

But no one else! — not friends or nearest kin!
   Though an Olympian God should seek me, leaving
   His Heaven, shut fast the door! Don’t let him in!

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