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This piece is from Echoes from Kottabos, edited by R. Y. Tyrrell, and Sir Edward Sullivan; E. Grant Richards; London; 1906; p. 45.



WHEN I am told there’s some one born,

According to my rules,

“’Tis well,” I say, “here’s one fool more

To plague the other fools.”

And when I’m told there’s some one dead,

My comfort I express,

According to my custom, thus:

“Thank heaven! one fool less.”

W. F.*

*  ElfEd Note: Oddly, This poet is not identified in the list of contributors in the front of the book, where the full names that correspond to the initials after each poem are listed. But if the editors reversed these initials, accidentally, and meant F. W., then this poem would be by Freeman Wills.

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