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From Slams of Life, with Malice for All And Charity Toward None Assembled in Rhyme by J. P. McEvoy, With black and white interruptions by Frank King, Chicago :  P. F. Volland Company; 1919; pp. 125-127.

With Malice for All And Charity
Towards None
Assembled in Rhyme by


With black and white interruptions by


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A Chicago Night’s Entertainment    86

A Christmas Thought    124

A Cost of Living Epic    80

A Diplomatic Move    89

A Feller Never Cares About the Other
       Feller’s Kid

Ain’t It the Truth    112

A Jeremiad on Laundries    58

A Lamentation    69

A Letter to Santa Claus    122

A Lil’ Ol’ Porterhouse Steak    54

A Man’s Best Press Agent — His Mother    55

A Modern Romance    34

An Imagist Would Call This “Pale Purple
       Question Descending a Staircase”

An Important Event    62

A ’Orrible ’Ymn of ’Ate    108

A Parental Accomplishment    110

A Plea for Chicago Husbands    37

A Slam on Slams    43

A Washington D. C. Tragedy    60

Bawp-Bawp-Bawp-Bawp-Pa    27

Beware of the Geezer With Something to Sell    16

Bitter Lines to a Non-skid Auto Salesman    32

Conserving Mothers    96

Getting Even    38

Girlish Nerve    74

God Give Us Men    56

Gosh, How We Dread It    18

Honest Confession is Good    78

I Do Not Care    105

In Which We Consider Strikes    120


Lines by a Horse on a Bitter Cold Day    97

Lines of Entreaty to Friend Wife    42

Lines on the Real Christmas Spirit    121

Lines to a Cafeteria or Glom-Shop    106

Lines to a Movie Vampire —    12

Lines to a Saxaphone    104

Lines to an Amateur Cornetist    84

Lines to an Old Schoolmate    19

Lines to J. P. Junior    52

Lines to Summer Furs    41

Lines to Those Queer and Curious Coots    51

My Boyhood Hero    111

My Congressman    94

My Wife’s Brother Raymond    48

Never Argue with a Woman    44

“No, No, Downtown, Pop-eye, Tay Home”    65

“Poo Poo” Says You    93

Preparedness Plus    25

Remarks on Baby Shoes    33

Showing Up the Cartooners    29

Some Misgivings on Natural History    63

Thanksgiving Dinner Song with an Eye for
       the Soaring Price of Food

That’s A Gift    13

The Brilliant Iceman    50

The Buns of Notre Dame    79

The Crime Wave    46

The Cure    72

The Durn Ye Cree (As We Say at the Club)    81

The Flu    67

The Girls of Today    28

The High Cost of Licker    39

The Higher the Brow the Less it Sweats    64

The Janitor’s Good to his Folks    76

The Language of Childhood    24


The Little Quaker Maid Remarks    103

The Maids    113

The Muskrateer    102

The Patient Proxy    75

The Player Piano Upstaires    21

The Song of the Movie Vamp    40

The Stranger    109

The Sweet Dry and Dry    98

The Village Blacksmith Revised    118

The Wifie’s Nose for News    30

There Ain’t No Cure for Golf    100

There Is No Death    57

Thoughts on a Bathing Beach    70

To a Straw Caubeen    20

To a Twenty Month Old Tramp    82

To Let — Tenant Will Show    22

Warning    88

We Meet, But Do Not Speak    66

Well, Mebbe So — I Dunno    26

What the Average Man Thinks    36

When Billy Speaks    116

When the Missus Goes Away    11

When Wifie Drives    14

Wim, Wigor and Wictory Werse    99

Wistful Words to Dorothy    90

Words and Music by a Muskrat    91


[The End of the Online Text of
Slams of Life, by J. P. McEvoy]

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