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From The Golden Fairy Book, comprising stories by Moritz Jokai, George Sand, M. Lermontov, Edouard Laboulaye, Xavier Marmier, Émile Souvestre, M. P. Granal, Daniel Dare, Voltaire, Gonzalo Fernandez Francoso, Alexander Dumas, and others; with 110 illustrations by H. R. Millar; D. Appleton & Company, 1894; pp. 95-114.


by M. Lermontov.

Translated from the Russian by E. A. Brayley Hodgetts.

“Why dost thou sleep under the vineyard?
  Arise, thou foolish one! thy Gazel is passing.”

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“I’m but a poor wanderer, and my words are but poor;
  But the great St. George helped me to descend a steep peak.
  Though I be but poor, though my words be but poor,
  Know me again, mother! Know thy poor wanderer!”


“In the town of Khalaf I drank the red wine,
  But God gave me wings — in three days I flew here.”

“My morning prayer in the valley I said,
  In the valley — of Arzinian,
  In Arzerum town I prayed at noon.
  At sunset at Kars my prayer I performed;
  My evening prayer at Tiflis.
  Then God gave me wings, and I flew over here,
  Of the white horse the victim, God grant I may be;
  It galloped as fast as a rope-dancer’s feet
  From the hill to the valley, from valley to hill,
  God granted to Ashik the wings of the wind.
  To the wedding he’s flown of Magul-Mageri.”




From the French of Edouard Laboulaye

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