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From The Lives of the Popes from the Time of our Saviour Jesus Christ to the Accession of Gregory VII. Written Originally in Latin by B. Platina, Native of Cremona, and translated into English (from an anonymous translation, first printed in 1685 by Sir Paul Rycaut), Edited by William Benham, Volume I, London: Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh, [1888, undated in text]; pp. xv-xxiv.

The Lives of the Popes,
B. Platina

Volume I.

Black and white engraving of the headpiece for the page, with a border around stylized flowers, with thin leaves, like daisies.





Popes. A.D. Emperors. Contemporary Notes.

St. Peter, about  33 Tiberius.  



    Nero. Fall of Jerusalem.

St Linus.  68 Galba.  

    Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian.  

St Cletus.  78   Rise of Gnosticism.


    Titus, Domitian, Nerva, Trajan. Apostolic Fathers.

St Evaristus. 100    

St Alexander I. 109    

    Hadrian. The Apologists.

St Sixtus I. 119    

St Telesphorus. 127    

   . Antoninus Pius.  

St Hyginus. 139    

Pius I. 142    

St Anicetus. 157   Montanism.

      Easter Controversy be-

    Marcus Aurelius.     tween East and West

St Soter. 168    

St Eleutherius, 177  

St Victor I. 193 Pertinax, Didius Julianus,  

        Septimus Severus.  

St Zephyrinus. 202    

    Caracalla, Geta, Macrinus,  


St Calistus I. 219   Catechetical School of


St Urban I. 223 Alexander Severus. Origen.

Pontian. 230   Clement of Alexandria.


St Anterus. 235 Maximus.  


Popes. A.D. Emperors. Contemporary Notes.

St Fabian. 236    

    Maximus and Balbinus.  

    Philip, Decius. The Goths cross the

          Danube and enter the


St Cornelius. 251   Cyprian, Bishop of Car-


      The Novatian Schism.

St Lucius I. 252    

      Sabellian heresy.

St Stephen I. 253 Valerian and Gallienus.  

St Sixtus II. 257    

St Dionysiius. 259    

    Claudius II.  

St Felix I. 269    


St Eutychian. 275 Tacitus, Probus, Carus. Manichæism.

St Caius. 283    

    Diocletian and Maximian.  

St Marcellinus. 296   The Meletian Schism.

    Constantine, Galerius, Constan-  

        ine, Maxentius.  

St Marcellus I. 308 Licinius.  

St Eusebius. 310    

St Melchiades. 311   Beginning of the

    Constantine the Great alone.     Donatist Schism.

      The Edict of Toleration.

St Sylvester I. 314   Arian Controversy.

      Council of Nicæa.

       St Athansius.

St Mark. 336   The Church historians

          Eusebius, Theodoret,

          Socrates, Sozomen.

St Julius. 337 Constantine II., Constans, Council of Sardica.

        Constantius II.  

Liberius. 352   Rapid Growth of Monas-

Felix II. 355       ticism in the West.

    Julian, Jovian, Valentinian,  


St Damasus I. 366   Apollinarian Contro-

    Gratian, Valentinian II.,     versy.

        Theodosius. Council of Constantinople.

St Siricius. 384   St. Ambrose, Cyril,

    Eugenius usurps.     Ephraem Syrus, Basil,

          the Great, Gregory of


Popes. A.D. Emperors. Contemporary Notes.

    W. Empire. E. Empire.  

    Honorius. Arcadius. St Chrysostom, Synesius,

St Anastasius I. 398         Augustine.


St Innocent I. 402      

      Theodosius II. Rome sacked by Alaric.

        Vandals in Spain.

        Visigoths in Spain.

St Zosimus. 417     Franks on Lower Rhine.

Boniface I. 418      

    Constantius I.    

St Celestine I. 422     Nestorian Controversy.

    Valentinian III.   Council of Ephesus.

St Sixtus III. 432      

St Leo I. (the       Pelagian Controversy.

     Great.) 440     Attila the Hun.

      Marcian The Eutychian Contro-

    Maxmus. Leo I.     versy. Council of Chal-

    Avitus Mar-       cedon.


St Hilary 461 Severus.    



St Simplicius. 468      

    Olybrius Gly- Leo.  


    Julius Nepos. Zeno.  

    Romulus. Basilisc. Odoacer overthrows the

            Western Empire.

St Felix III. 483      ————    Clovis founds the king-

            dom of the Franks.

      Anastasius I. Theodoric sets up the

St Gelasius I. 492         kingdom of the Ostro-

St Anastasius II. 496         goths in Italy.

St Symmachus. 498      


St [Hormisdas.] 514      

      Justin I.  

St John I. 523      

St Felix IV. 526      

      Justinian I. Italy recovered to the

Boniface II. 530         Eastern Empire.

John II. 533      

St Agapetus I. 535     St Columba of Ireland.

St Sylverius. 536      

Vigilius. 537     Fifth General Council at

Pelagius I. 555         Constantinople.

        Dionysius Exiguus. The

John III. 560         birth of Christ made

      Justin II.     the first epoch in

            Christian chronology.

Benedict I. 574     Lombards enter Italy.


Popes. A.D. Emperors. Contemporary Notes.

    W. Empire. E. Empire.  

Pelagius II. 578   Tiberius II.

      Maurice. Council of Toledo adds

            Filioque to the Creed.

St Gregory I.        

    (the Great). 590     Conversion of England.


Sabinian. 604      

Boniface III. 607      

St Boniface IV. 608      


St Deus-[dedit]. 614      

Boniface V. 618      

        The Hegira of Moham-

Honorius I. 625         med.

Severinus. 640      

John IV. 640      

      Constantine III.  

Theodore I. 642   Constans II. The Eastern Empire

            wanes under the assaults

St Martin I. 649         of the Saracens.

St Eugenius I. 654      

St Vitalian. 657      

      Constantine IV.  

Adeodatus. 672     The Venerable Bede.

Donus I. 676      

St Agatho. 678      

        Sixth General Council at

            Constantinople (“In


St Leo II. 682      
Karling dynasty in France

            and Germany.

St Benedict II. 684      

John V. 685   Justinian II.  

Conon. 686      

St Sergius I. 687      


      Tiberius III.  

John VI. 701      

John VII. 705   Justinian II.  


Sisinnius. 708      

Constantine. 708      

      Phillipicus. Moorish Conquest of

       Bardanes, An-     Spain.

          astasius II.  

Gregory II. 715      .

      Theodosius III. St Boniface in Germany.

      Leo III., “the First Edict of the Em-

          [Isaurian.”]     peror Leo against Im-


St Gregory III. 731      


Popes. A.D. Emperors. Contemporary Notes.

    W. Empire. E. Empire.  

St Zacharias. 741   Constantine V.,  


Stephen II. 752      

St Paul I. 757      

Stephen IV. 768      

Hadrian I. [Adrian] 772      

      Leo IV., Con- End of the Greek Ex-

          stantine VI.,     archate of Ravenna.

          and Irene.  

St Leo III. 795 Charles the    

        Great. Nicephorus I., In 800 the Western Em-

          Staurasius,     pire is restored under

          Michael I.,     Charles the Great,

          Leo V.     “Charlemagne.”

Stephen V. 816 Louis the Pious    

St Paschal I. 817      

      Michael II., the  


Eugenius II. 824      

Valentine. 827 Lothar I.    

Gregory IV. 827      


    Louis I.    

      Michael III.  

Sergius II. 844      

St Leo IV. 847      

[106- John Pope Joan]        

Benedict III. 855     Conversion of Bulgaria.

St Nicholas I. 858     Disputes on the Eucharist and

    (the Great).           and on Predestination.

Hadrian II. 867   Basil I. Russians under Ruric.

John VIII. 872 Charles II.
Charles III.

        (“the Bald.”)    

    Charles III.    

        (“the Fat.”)    

Marinus or 882      

    Martin II.        

Hadrian III. 884      

Stephen VI. 885      

      Leo VI.  

Formosus. 891 Guido. Leo VI.  



Boniface VI. 896      

Stephen VII. 896      

Romanus. 897      

Theodore II. 898 Louis, the Child.    

    Louis III.    

John IX. 898      

Benedict IV. 900      

Leo V. 903      

Christopher. 903      


Popes. A.D. Emperors. Contemporary Notes.

    W. Empire. E. Empire.  

Sergius III. 904     The Normans christianised.

Anastasius III. 911   Alexander. Rollo.

    Conrad I. Constantine X.  

Landus. 913      

John X. 914 Berengar. Romanus I.  

      Lecapenus and  

    Henry I. “the     his sons.  


Leo VI. 928      

Stephen VIII. 929      

John XI. 931      

Leo VII. 936 Otto I. (“the    


Stephen IX. 939      

Martin III. 942      

Agapetus II. 946      

John XII. 956      

      Romanus II.  

Leo VIII. 963   Nicephorus I.  


Benedict V. 964      

John XIII. 965      

      John Zimisces.  

Benedict VI. 972 Otto II.    

[139 Boniface7]

Domnus II. 974      


Benedict VII. 9755      

      Basil II. and  

      Constantine XI.  

John XIV. 983      

Boniface VII. 985      


John XV. 985     Hugh Capet in France.

Gregory V. 996      

Sylvester II. 999 Henry II.    

        (“the Saint.”)    

John XVII. 1003      

John XVIII. 1003      

Sergius IV. 1009      

150 benedict 8

John XIX. 1024 Conrad II.    

      Romanus III.  

Benedict IX. 1033      

    Henry III. Michael IV.,  

       Michael V., Zoe,  

       and Theodora.  

      Constantine XII.  

153 Sylvester3

Gregory VI. 1044      

Clement II. 1046      

Damasus II. 1048      


Popes. A.D. Emperors. Contemporary Notes.

    W. Empire. E. Empire.  

St Leo IX. 1049      

    Henry IV.    

Victor II. 1055      

      Michael VI.  

Stephen X. 1057   Isaac Com-.  


160 Benedict10

Nicholas II. 1058    



Alexander II. 1061     Norman Conquest of

      Eudocia, Ro-     England. 2nd Eucha-

          manus IV.     ristic Controversy.

      Michael VII.    Berengar and Lanfranc.

Gregory VII. 1073      

Turnbull & Spears, Printers, Edinburgh.


[The End of the Online Text of Lives of the Popes, by Platina, Volume I.]

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