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The Bibelot




From The Bibelot, A Reprint of Poetry and Prose for Book Lovers, chosen in part from scarce editions and sources not generally known, Volume I, Number III, Testimonial Edition, Edited and Originally Published by Thomas B. Mosher, Portland, Maine; Wm. Wise & Co.; New York; 1895; pp. 57-58.



The Bibelot

THE Selections that go to make up the present Bibelot are taken from that exquisitely printed and now scarce little volume: —

Wine, Women and Song, Mediæval Latin Students’ Songs, now first translated into English verse with an Essay by John Addington Symonds. (London 1884).

Issued in the spring of that year it was inscribed with affectionate regard to Robert Louis Stevenson: —

“DEAR LOUIS — To you in memory of past symposia, when with (your wit) flowed freer than our old Forzato, I dedicate this little book, my pastime through three anxious months.


To-day, neither of these men — touched by kindred Fates — will gladden us again; the written word alone abides forever.


It has seemed well to the editor, to prefix in Mr. Symonds own phrases, brief [58] comments, as illustrative head notes to the lyrics chosen. To those who now for the first time read these Songs of the Wandering Students of an age preceding the Renaissance, such annotations will not appear uncalled for. In a sense they make the rondure of the ring of poesy and vanished passion, more complete and fused in one.

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