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From, Beautiful Buildings in France & Belgium, Including many which have been destroyed during the war. Reproductions in Colour and Monochrome from rare old Prints and Drawings, by and after Prout, Boys, Coney, W. Callow, David Roberts, C. Wild and others, with descriptive notes, by C. Harrison Townsend, F.R.I.B.A.; New York: The Hubbell Publishing Co., 1916; pp. 74-77.



(G. Simonau)

Black and white drawing of the Church of St. Gudule, in Brussels.  Built in the 13th century, towers added in the 15th century.




(G. Simonau.)

Block Print of the decorated letter THE Church of St. Gudule (often erroneously called the Cathedral) now stands in very different surroundings to those shown in the Plate. The old buildings of Simonau’s sketch have been swept away, and the district is laid out with wide streets, and covered with fine and fashionable houses.

The imposing building belongs to several centuries. It was commenced in the XIIIth upon the foundations of an even earlier church, and was finished about 1273, with the exception of the two towers, which were added in the XVth century and 76 remain unfinished. The steps shown leading up to the West Front have made room for the present handsomer approach, added about fifty years ago.

To architects the stained glass, dating from the XIIth to the XVth century, is in particular of the highest interest, that in the Chapel of the Sacrament being especially noteworthy.


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