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Online Introduction to

Wit and Humor of Abraham Lincoln
gathered from Authentic Sources,
By Carleton Britton Case

As a proud son of Illinois with a strong sense of humor, Carleton B. Case has compiled a collection of interesting and frequently funny anecdotes about Abraham Lincoln. You will also learn a lot about the major political players of his time, their names appear throughout the book.

Naturally, it is a thoroughly biased collection. As a friend of mine, who is not an admirer of Lincoln, wrote to me (in September, 2011,) when I told him that I was working on this text:

“Ick. I hold Lincoln directly responsible for the incubus of Big Government afflicting us today; a regular tyrant, dishonest as you can get, and thanks to whom we have the income tax which finances that Big Government. A master propagandist, however, and the iron fist is what the North needed to crush Southern independence.”

Lincoln is glorified, nay, deified here (likened to the Man of Galilee), by a devoted fan. Despite Carleton’s frank adoration, the facts are correct, a lot of the jokes are good, and if any man said as many funny things as Abe did, he can be forgiven much.

All in all, it’s a painless way to learn a great deal about this man and his times. You’ll be smarter and have some great stories to tell, à la Lincoln.

Get started on the book HERE, with a timeline of Lincoln’s life, and a panegyric by Case.

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