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From My Lady Pokahontas, A True Relation Of Virginia. Writ by Anas Todkill, Puritan and Pilgrim, [in 1618] With Notes by John Esten Cooke: Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1907; pp. v-vi.


Larger black and white decorative rectangule, with repeating tracery design of  star-like motifs.

Table of Contents.


     I.  Unworthy Anas Todkill, Puritan, his Early Years.  1

    II.   I talk with Captain Smith and Master Shakespeare
at the Mermaid.

   III.   I go on the Virginia Voyage, and what followed at Jamestown. 16

    IV.   My Captain tells how an Angel saved Him 25

     V.   How I first see my Lady Pokahontas 32

    VI.   The Strange Antics of Pokahontas 36

   VII.   Of God’s Mercy to his Unworthy Servant through the Blessed Pokahontas 45

  VIII.   How my Captain loveth the Child of a Cursed Generation 54

    IX.   Hawks and Cormorants (so I call Such) 62

     X.   I go once more with my Captain to the Place of Retreat 70

    XI.   We lose him whose Loss was our Deaths 75

   XII.   How Master Ratcliffe was a Dead Corpse on the York River 81

  XIII.   We go through the Wilderness to the Land of Canaan 88

   XIV.   How Some One did break a Poor Man on the Wheel 94

    XV.   How my Lady Pokahontas is brought to Jamestown a Prisoner101

   XVI.   I make Acquaintance of Master Rolfe107

  XVII.   I think, Sure ’t is better to be off with the Old Love ere on with the New115

vi XVIII.   We sail up York River with my Lady, and what followeth120

   XIX.   How my Lady Pokahontas asketh, — Must she?130

    XX.   My Lady leaneth on a Tree and weepeth137

   XXI.   Of the City of Henricus and my Lady’s Little Divell that was made a Christian140

  XXII.   Of the Trick the High Marshal would play on the Emperor, but he would not150

 XXIII.   My Lady goes to England156

  XXIV.   I go to the Globe Theatre162

   XXV.   And meet again with Captain Smith and Master Shakespeare167

  XXVI.   How Smith telleth he was not dead, and crieth, “O Heaven! could she not wait?”175

 XXVII.   Of the Valiant Captain Smith’s Last Greeting with my Lady Pokahontas179

XXVIII.   How my Lady Pokahontas passed in Peace188

Small black and white decorative rectangle, with center facing hawk heads in profile amid twining leaves and vines.

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