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This Bibliography is used in at least five other books written by Alexander Del Mar for the same publishing company. There are multiple typographical errors, many of which have been corrected. The source code will show where the emendations have been done, with the original word noted there. Any note in red on this page is by the online editor. — Elf.Ed.]

From De Die Natale, by Censorinus and Life of the Emperor Hadrian by Aelianus Spartianus (circ. A.D. 300), translated into English by William Maude, New York: The Cambridge Encyclopedia Co., 1900; pp. i to xxiv.


(The following list of books is to be read in connection with the lists published in the author’s previous works. The numbers at the end of each title are the press marks of the British Museum library.)

Abbay (Richard).   Restoration of the Ancient System of Tank Irrigation in Ceylon. Printed in the London “Nature” of Oct. 11, 1877.

Abu Mashar (See Albumazar).

Achery (Luke D’).   Spicilegium; sive collectio veterum aliquot scriptorum qui in Galliae bibliothecis delituerant. Paris, 1723, 3 tom. fol. 10. e. 1-3.

Adam of Bremen.   Historia Ecclesiastica ejusdem auctoris libellus de situ Daniæ, 1706, fol.    158. h. 14.

Adams (Alexander), Rev.   Roman Antiquities, 18th ed., Edinburgh, 1854, 8vo.

(This popular work was originally published in 1791, and has passed through numerous editions, both in England and America. It omits or conceals much more than it discloses concerning the religious belief and ceremonies of the Romans, and must therefore be consulted with discretion.)

Albiruni (Mohammed Ibn Ahmad).   Chronology of Ancient Nations. Trans. by C. E. Sachau. London, 1879, 8vo.    752. l. 24.

————   Institutes and Customs of India in the eleventh century. Trans. by C. E. Sachau. London, 1888, 2 vols.   2318. h. 4.

Albumazar (Jafar Ibn Muhammad, commonly known as Albumazar, Albumasar, or Albumashar).   Flores Astrologie. Trans. From the Arabic, by J. B. Sessa, Venice, 1485, 4to.    718. f. 2. (2.)

Alison (Archibald), Rev.   “Essays,” political, historical and miscellaneous, London, 1850, 3 vols., 8vo.

Allen (John), Master of Dulwich College.   Inquiry into the Growth of the Royal Prerogative in England. London, 1849, 8vo.   2238. e. 1.

(A short performance, whose reputation exceeds its merit. It holds that “homage” is a custom derived from the ancient Germans; that modern sovereigns add to their titles, “by the grace of God,” because the Saxon hlaford was sacred to the churl; and that the king, instead of the Augustus, is the Fountain of Honour. The author has advanced no evidence to support these assertions.)

Allmer (A.)   Les Gestes du Dieu Auguste d’apres l’inscription du Temple d’Ancyre. Vienne, 1889, 8vo.    7705. ee. (17.)

Alviella.   (See Goblet.)

America.   Recopilacion de Leyes de los Reynos de las Indias. Madrid, 3d edicion, 1774, 4 tomos, fol.

Anthropology.   Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay. Vol. II, pp. 164-224. Fawcett on Festivals to Village Goddesses.” London, 1886, 8vo.    Ac. 6242.

Aratus (of Soli).   The Phænomena and Diosemeia, trans. by J. Lamb. London, 1848, 8vo. There is another trans. by J. H. Voss.    1348. c. 9.

Aristotle.   Works. Trans. by T. Taylor, London, 1812, 9 vols., 4 to.    2052 h.

Arrian (Flavius).   The Anabasis of Alexander; literally trans. by E. J. Chinnock, London, 1884, 8vo.    9026. ff. 18.

————   Voyage round the Euxine sea. Tr. W. Falconer, Oxford, 1805, 4to.    200. e. (18.)

————   Voyage of Nearchus and Periplus of the Erythræan sea. Gr. with Eng. Trans. by W. Vincent, Oxford, 1809, 4to.    570. g. 16.

Ashley (W. J.)   Essay on Feudalism. London, 1887, 8vo.

Atwood (William).   Barrister at Law and Chief Justice of New York. Fundamental Constitution of the English Government. London, 1690, fol.

Aurelius Victor (Sextus).   De origine gentis Romanæ, 1826, 8vo. Origine du Peuple Romain, a French translation of the same work, by N. A. Dubois.    11,306. K. 9.


Ayliffe (J.) Rev.   A new Pandect of Roman Civil Law. Vol. I. (The only volume published). 1734, fol.    500. g. 14.

Bailly (Jean Sylvain).   Histoire de l’Astronomie ancienne despuis son origine jusqu’a l’establissement le l’Ecole d’Alexandrie, 2nd ed., Paris, 1781, 4to.    8562. e. 14.

————   Traite de l’Astronomie Indienne et Orientale. Paris, 1787, 4to.    59. h. 5.

————   Ancient History of Asia; a series of letters to Voltaire. London, 1814, 8vo.    1137. b. 21, 22.

Baluze (Etienne).   Histoire des capitulaires des Rois François de la premiere et seconde race. Paris, 1779, 8vo.    708. a. 12.

Banqueri (Josef Antonio).   Libro de Agricultura, traducion de Abn Lakariya, Madrid, 1802, 2 vols, fol.    441. 1, 2, 3.

[Elf.Note.  The British Museum has a modern reprint of the 1802 book, called: “Libro de agricultura su autor el doctor excelente Abu Zacaria Iahia ; [traducido al castellano y anotado por Josef Antonio Banqueri; estudio preliminar y notas, J E Hernandez Bermejo y E Garcia Sanchez], with the parallel title on the cover: Kitab al-filahah.”

There are only two entries under this name, (not three):

“Kitab al-filahah Libro de agricultura traducido y anotado por Don J A Banqueri, Arab and Span, Madrid, 1802, 441.i.2. and 441.i.3.”]

Bauer (Bruno).   Christus und der Cæsaren, Berlin, 1879, 8vo.    4534. cc. (7.)

Beal (Samuel). Rev.   Buddhist travels in the West. London, 1890, 2 vols, 8vo.

Beausobre (Isaac de).   Histoire Critique de Manichée et du Manichéisme. Amsterdam, 1734-9, 2 vols, 4 to.    678. e. 11-12.

Beck (Ludwig).   Die Geschichte der Eisens. Brunswick, 1884, 8vo.    7104. d.

Bede.   Ecclesiastical History of England and Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Trans. by J. A. Giles, London, 1847, 8vo.

Bell.   Historical Studies of Feudalism, 1852.

[Elf.Note.  The correct title should be Historical Sketches of Feudalism, by Andrew Bell.]

Belon (Peter).   Travels. Trans. by J. Ray, 1693, 8vo.    978. g. (1.)

Belot (E.)   De la revolution economique à Rome au milieu du IIIe siècle, A. C., Paris, 1885, 8vo.    8226. eee. (24.)

Benjamin of Tudela.   Itinerary: Heb. with Eng. Trans. by A. Asher. London, 1840-1, 12mo.    1938. c. 11.

Bentley (John).   Hist. Rev. of the Hindu Astronomy. London, 1825, 8vo.    531, i, 21.

Bernard (Jacques).   Recueil de Traitez de Paix de Treve, etc., de A. D. 536, jusqua A. D. 1700. Amsterdam, 1700, fol.    589. i. 8.

Beudoin.   Etude sur les origines du regime feodal. Grenoble, 1889, 8vo.    6005. f. 4, (1.)

Bezold (Carl).   Oriental Diplomacy. London, 1893, 8vo.    7704. aaa. 54.

Bhagavat-Gita; known also as Christna’s Gospel, the Divine Song, Christna’s Revelation, etc.   Trans. from Sanscrit into English, by Sir Charles Wilkins. London, 1785, 4to.    14060. f. 1.

Birch (Samuel), (formerly of the British Museum.)   Records of the Past; being English translations of the Assyrian and Egyptian monuments. London, 8vo, Old Series, in 12 vols., 1873-81; New Series, in 4 vols., 1880-92.    2358. a. 3.

This work is published anonymously. The late Dr. Birch’s name is attached to it in the catalogue of the Museum Library, but does not appear in the title page of the work. On the other hand, the name which does appear there is that of the editor, not the author. It is printed under the sanction of the Society of Biblical Archæology.

Black (W. H.)   The Calendar of Palestine reconciled with the Law of Moses, against the theory of Michaelis. London. 1865, 8vo.    4732. g. 18 (9.)

Blanchet (J. Adrien).   Nouveau manuel de numismatique du Moyen Age et moderne. With Atlas. 1890, 2 tom, 8vo.    12208. b.

Blavatsky (Helena Petrôvna).   Isis Unveiled. New York, 1877, 2 vols, 8vo.    2212. c.

Boeckh (Augustus).   Corpus Inscriptionum Græcorum, Berlin, 1838, 4 vols, fol.    Catalogue Desk. K.

Boissier (Gaston).   La religion Romaine d’Auguste aux Antoines. Paris, 1874, 8vo.    2212. g.

Bonwick (James).   Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought. London, 1878, 8vo.    2212. b.

Bouché Leclerc (A.)   Les Pontifes de l’ancienne Rome; etude historique sur les institutions religieuses de Rome. Paris, 1874, 8vo., pp. 435.    4506. d. (1.)

Boulainvilliers (Count Henri de).   Histoire de l’ancien gouvernement de France, Amsterdam, 1727, 12mo.    897. a. 14.

————   History of the ancient Parliaments of France. Translated from the French by C. Forman, London, 1754, 2 vol., 8vo.    5424. c.

————   The Life of Mahomet. Trans. into Eng. London, 1752, 12mo.

————   Etat de la France. London, 1727, 2 vols, 8vo.    1857. a.

Bower (Archibald).   History of the Popes. Dublin, 1749-68, 3 vols, 8vo.    4855. bb.

————   Another ed. Phila., 1844-5, 3 vols, 8vo.    4855. e.

Bowker and Iles (R. R. and Geo.)   Reader’s Guide in Economic, Social and Political Science. New York, 1891, 8vo.    11,900. bb. 54.


Brady (John).   Clavis Calendaria, or a compendious analysis of the Calendar. London, 1815, 2 vols, 8vo.

Bramsen (W.)   Japanese Chronological Tables. Tokio, 1889, 8vo.    11,099. b. 1.

Brantome (Pierre de Bourdeilles).   Seigneur de Brantome. Memoirs. Leyde, 1722, 12mo.    630. a. (25.)

————   Another ed. Paris, 1876, 12mo.    8415. df. (2.)

Brerewood (Edward). Rev.   De Ponderibus et pretiis veterum nummorum, etc. (Edited by R. B.) 1614, 4to.    602. e. 19. (2.)

Britannica.   Monumenta Historica. (Passages in classical authors relating to Britain.)

Brown (Alex).   F. R. H. S. The Genesis of the United States . . . movement in England 1605-16, which resulted in the plantation of North America, etc. London, 1890, 2 vols, 8vo.    9602. i. (1.)

Bruce (J. Collingwood). Rev.   The Roman Wall; a description of the Mural Barrier of the North of England. London, 1867, 4to. (Chiefly a description of Severus’, properly Hadrian’s Wall and the antiquities found in the vicinity.)    2258. f.

Bruce (Philip Alex.)   Economic History of Virginia in the 17th Century. London, 1896, 2 vols, 8vo.    9605. c. (22.)

Brugsch (Heinrich).   History of Egypt. Trans. by Philip Smith. London, 1881, 2 vols, 8vo.    2069. a.

Brunnemannus.   (See Justinian.)

Bryant (Jacob).   Ancient Mythology. 3d ed. London, 1807, 6 vols, 8vo.    86. f. 11-16.

This work as an elaborate effort to reconcile all the mythos, in which effort it fails; not, however, without incidentally furnishing a large fund of valuable information.

Bryce (James).   The Holy Roman Empire. 4th ed. London, 1873, 8vo.

Brydone (Patrick).   Sicily and Malta. London, 1776, 2 vols, 8vo.    10,151. d. 21.

Buchanan (George), The historian.   See Macfarlan).

Buckman and Newmarch.   Illustrations of the Remains of Roman Art in Cirencester, by Prof. Buckman and C. H. Newmarch. London, 1850.

Burigny.   (See Levesque.)

Burke (Luke).   “The Principles of Mythonomy”, (Laws of Mythology, Systems of Zodiacs, etc.) “Hebrew Chronology”, “Egyptian Chronology”, “Discovery of America, by the Northmen”, etc.; a number of articles on these and kindred topics published in the London Ethnological for 1848, 1854, and 1865-6, these being the only years of its publication. 8vo.    PP. 3862. a. and 295.

Callimachus.   Hymns, epigrams, etc. Trans. by Revd. J. Banks. Bound with Hesiod. London, 1856, 8vo.    2500. f.

Candolle (Alphonse de).   Histoire des Sciences et des savants depuis deux siècles, suivie d’autres études . . . en particulier sur la sélection dans l’espèce humaine. Geneve, Bâle, Lyon, 1873, 8vo.    8707. ee. (15.)

Capella (Martianus Mineus Felix).   De Nuptiis Philologiæ et Mercurii. (On the accord of Bacchus and the Logos). Ed. Kopp, Frankfort, 1836, 4to.    718. i. (25.)

Carew (George), Sir.   Pacata Hibernia, or History of the late wars of Ireland under Sir George Carew and compiled by his direction. 1663, fol.    186. d. 8.

————   History of Ireland.    601. m. 6.

————   Letters to Sir Thomas Roe.    Ac. 8113-71.

Carew (George), Earl of Totness.   Report of the Master of the Rolls upon the Carte and Carew Papers. 1864, 8vo.    2075. c.

————   Calendar of the Carew MSS. 1867, 8vo.    2075. c.

Carlile (Richard).   The Deist; containing theological Essays by Baron de Holbach, Voltaire, and others. London, 1819-20, 2 vols, 8vo.    4015. f

Carranza (Alonso).   El adjustamento y proporcion de las monedas de oro, plata y cobre, ye la reducion distros metales, etc. Madrid, 1629, fol.    504. g. (6.)

Caton (W.)   Abridg. of the Chronol. of Eusebius. London, 1661, 12mo.    4530. aa.

Charton (Edouard).   Voyagers, anciens et modernes. Paris, 1854, 4vols, in 2, 8vo.    2060.

Christna (Isvara), The.   Trans. by H. T. Colebrooke, Oxford, 1837, 4to.    752. l. 1.

Christna.   (See Christna’s Gospel, or the Bhagavat-Gita).

Churchill (Chas. Henry).   Mount Lebanon. London, 1853, 3 vols, 8vo.    10,075. d.

————   The Druzes and the Maronites. London, 1862, 8 vo.    10,075. d.

Clarke (Edward), Rev.   Letters concerning the Spanish Nation (including Coins). London, 1763, 4to.    179. d. 18.


Clarke (G.)   “Pompeii.” London, 1831, 2 vols, 12mo.    1157. a. 21-2.

Codex Argenteus.   Quatuor D. N. Jesu Christi evangeliorum, versiones per antiquæ duæ Gothica scilicet et Anglo-Saxonica: Quarum illam ex celeberrimo Codice Argenteo nunc primum depromsit, Franciscus Junius F. F. hanc autem ex codicibus MSS. collatis emendatius recudi curavit, Thomas Mareschallus, Anglus, etc. Dordrechti, 1665, 4to.    218. g.

Colebrooke (Henry T.)   Miscellaneous Essays, containing “Religious Ceremonies of the Hindus.” London, 1873, 3 vols, 8vo.    14085. e. 6-8.

Columella (L. J. M.)   Husbandry; in XII Books. French trans. by Nisard; Eng. Trans. by M. C. Curtius. London, 1745, 4to.    34. d. 1.

Constitution and Present State of Great Britain.   (See Great Britain.

Coote.   The Romans in Britain, London, 1878, 8vo.    2394. e.

(A work of merit, the materials being chiefly drawn from the Roman laws relative to land and the archæological remains of Britain.)

Corsino (Edoardo).   Fasti Attici, in quibus Archontum Atheniensium series, Philosophorum, aliorumque Illustrum Virorum ætas, etc. 4tom. Florentiæ, 1744-56, 4to.    673. h. (4.)

Coulanges (Numa Denis Fustel de).   The Ancient City; a study on the religion, laws, and institutions of Greece and Rome. Trans. by W. Small. Boston, 1874, 8vo.    2259. b. (e.)

————   The Origin in Property by Land. Trans. by M. Ashley. London, 1891, 8vo.    08276. e. (9.)

————   Histoire des institutions politiques de l’ancienne France. Paris, 1891-2, 6 vols, 8vo.    2390. d.

Contzen (Adamus).   Politicorum libri decem in quibus de perfectæ reipubl. forma, virtutibus et Vitiis, etc. Moguntiæ, 1621, fol.    C. 24. d.

————   The plot of Coutzen the Moguntine Jesuit to cheat a church of the religion established therein and to serve in Popery by Art, etc. London, 1641, 4to.    702. d. 8. (2.)

[Elf.Note.  This author is named Contzen in the other online references to the title of these books, so somebody made a typo somewhere, probably by this publisher, but this spelling of Coutzen has also been reproduced in the apparently identical bibliography in many of the books by Del Mar, who shares the same publisher. Del Mar is heavily referred to in the text of Censorinus. As Bill Thayer says, bibliographies are notoriously riddled with typos, which has also been my experience.

Creech (Thomas).   The Five Books of Marcus Manilius, containing a system of the Ancient Astronomy and Astrology, together with the Philosophy of the Stoics. Done into English verse, with Notes. London, 1697, 8vo. (See Manlius and Shirburn for other editions of the Five Books called the Astronomicon.)    11385. b. b.

Creuzer (George Frederich).   Religions d’antiquité refondu, etc., par G. D. Guigniaut, L. F. A. Maury, and E. Vinet. Paris, 1825-51, 4 vols, 8vo.    2212. b.

Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage, a. D. 248-58.   Unity of the Church, a Sermon. Trans. by Revd. J. Fell, bishop of Oxford. London, 1681, 4to.    3805. a.

Daremberg et Saglio.   Dictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines. Paris, 1873, 2 vols, 4to. In progress: In 1897 it was completed to “E.”    Cat., Desk I.

De Sacy.   (See Silvestre).

Deuber (F. H. A.)   Geschichte der Schiffahrt in atlantischen Ozean, zum Beweis das . . . der Compass . . . vor F. G. entdeckt worden sey. Bamberg, 8vo.    1424. c.

Didron (Adolphe N.)   Christian Iconography, or the History of Christian Art in the Middle Ages. Trans. by E. J. Millington, London 1849, 2 vols. 8vo.    2502. b.

Dietrichson (L.)   Stavkirker; or an illustrated treatise on the church architecture of Norway. Christiania, 1892, 8vo.

Diodorus Siculus.   History. Trans. by G. Booth. London, 1600 fol.    2068. g.

Dion Cassius.   Rerum Romanarum, libri octoginta, ab Immanuel Bekkero. Greek text. Lipsiæ, 1849, 2 vols, 8vo.    2052. e.

————   Histoire Romaine. Paris, 1845-70, 10 tom., 8vo.    1307. i. (12-19.)

————   An oration . . . to Octavius Cæsar Augustus, against monarchy, taken out of the XIIth book of Dion. London, 1657, 4to.    E. 972 (3.)

————   The History of D. C. abridged by Xiphilinus. Done from the Greek by Mr. Manning. London, 1704, 2 vols, 8vo.    293. f. (28, 29.)

Dionysius of Halicarnassus.   Antiquities of Rome. Trans. by Spelman. London, 1758, 4 vols, 4to.    196. b. (1-4.)

Dittenberger (William).   Corpus Inscriptionum Atticarum. Berlin, 1878, fol.    2068. g.

Drummond (W.)   Zodiacs of Esné and Denderah. London, 1821, 8vo.    1140. d. 7.

Du Bos (Jean Baptiste).   Histoire Critique de l’establissment de la Monarchie François. Amsterdam, 1734, 3 vols. 4to.    182. b. 8-10.

Du Choul (Guillaume).   Religion de los Antiguos Romanos. Traducion en Castellano, por Baltasar Perez. Leon, 1579, 4to.


Dumont d’Urville.   (See d’Urville.)

Duncker (Max).   History of Antiquity. Trans. from the German by Evelyn Abbot, M.D. LL.D. London 1879, 6 vols. 8vo.

Dupin (Andre M. J. J.), Father.   Manuel du droit public ecclésiastique français. Paris, 1844, 12mo.    5424. aaa. 5.

Dupuis (Ch. Fr.)   Origine de tous les Cultes. Paris, 1794, 3 vols. 4to. Plates.

————   Another ed. 7v., 8vo. Plates. Paris, 1795.    483 a. 1-7 & 484. c. 22.

————   An abridgment of the same. Paris, 1822. 12mo.    4503. a. 33.

————   On the connection of Christianity with Solar worship. London, 1793, 8vo. An abbreviated edition of the above work, 1877, 8vo.    8632. ccc. 4. (4.)

Dureau de la Malle (A. J. C. A.)   Economie Politique des Romains. Paris, 1840, 2 vols, 8vo.    7702. bb. (7.)

D’Urville (Dumont [d’]).   On the Venus de Milo, contained in an official periodical entitled “Recueil des Lois relatives a la Marine et aux colonies, etc., edited by M. Bajot. Paris, 1821, 8vo., part II.    P. P. 1365.

Duruy (Victor).   Histoire des Romains. Nouvelle ed. Paris, 1879, 7 vols, 8vo.    9039. e.

————   An English translation by Miss Clarke. London, 1883, 6 vols, 8vo.    2382. g.

Dutt (Romesh Chunder). Barrister of the Middle Temple.   A History of Civilization in Ancient India, based on Sanscrit Literature. London, 1890.

Duvergier (G. B. Paul).   La Banque Internationale. Paris, 1865, 8vo.    8227. h. 35. (7.)

Duvergies (Jean Baptiste).   Revue Étrangère (et Française) de legislation, etc. 1834, etc., tom. 7.    P. P. 1275.

————   De l’effet retroactif des lois. Paris, 1845, 8vo.    5405. d.

Dyer (L.)   Studies of the gods in Greece. London, 1891, 8vo.    4506. bb. 25.

Eggleston.   English Antiquities. London, 1847. (See Del Mar’s “Money and Civilization,” p. 31n for reference to this work.)

Elton.   Origins of English History, by C. J. Elton. London, 1882, 8vo.

Eunapius.   Vitæ Philosophorum ac Sophistarum, Græce et Latine. 1849, 8vo.    2051. h.

————   Lives of the Ancient Philosophers. 1702, 8vo.    275. g. (8.)

Faber (Geo. S.)   Origin of Pagan Idolatry. London, 1816, 3 vols, 8vo.    4504. g. 12.

Though its argument, that all religions sprang from the worship of the earth and moon, may not be convincing, its description of ancient rites and symbols are useful.

Fawcett (Fr.)   (See Anthropology.)

Ferguson (Rob’t).   River names of Europe. London, 1863, 8vo.    12901. c. 24.

————   The Northmen in Cumberland. London, 1856.

Firmicus (Julius Maternus). Alleged æra: fourth century.   De Errore Profanarum Religionum. Printed in the Bibliotheca Patrum at the end of Cyprian. Paris, 1666. The Astronomicorum was printed in 1499, folio, and is bound in the same volume, (Astron. veterus) with the Astronomicon of Marcus Manilius.    715. k. 1.

Fisher and Soetbeer (E. W. F. and A. S.)   Greichische and Romanische Seittafeln. Altona, 1840, 4to.    584. h. (25.)

Fiske (John). Assistant Librarian Harvard University.   The Discovery of America, with some account of Ancient America and the Spanish Conquest. Boston, 1892, 2 vols, 8vo.    9551. bb. (13.)

Fosbroke (Thos. Dudley).   British Monachism. 3d ed. London, 1843, 8vo.    2003. e.

Freeman (Edward).   A History of the Saracens. London, 1876, 8vo.

————   English Constitution. London, 1873, 8vo.

Freheri   (See Grævius, tom. xi).

Freinsheim (Johann).   Alex. Mag. duobus tomis repræsentatus . . . complectitur, alter (J. F.) com. Qu. Curtii, libros superstites exhibet. 1640, etc. 8vo.    584. a. (9.)

Fréret (Nicolas).   Defense de la Chronologie. Paris, 1758, 4to.    216. a. 4.

Froissart (John).   Chronicles. (See 1337 for the title Lieutenant of the Emperor.)

Frontinus.   (See Nisard.)

Froude (James Anthony).   Nemesis of Faith. A second edition. London, 1849, 12 mo., is the only one now in British Museum Library.    2206. a.

————   Cæsar; a Sketch. London, 1879, 8vo.    10,606. f. (3.)

————   Short Studies on Great Subjects. London, 1878, 4 vols, 8vo.    2342. a.

Fuller (Thomas), Rev.   History of the Holy War. Cambridge, 1639, fol. (Mentions a bank established in Tyre during the Crusades.)    488. g. 2.

Fustel.   (See Coulanges.)


Gallæus Servatius.   Dissertationes de Sibyllis. Amst. 1688, 4to.    704. d. 22.

Gardthausen (V.) Sieur des Gorges.   Les recherches des monnoyes, poix, et maniere de nombrer des premieres et plus renommées nations du monde. . . . Reduites et rapportées aux monnoyes, poix, et maniere de nombres des François, etc. Paris, 1576, 8vo.    522. b. (4.)

————   Recueil des principaux advis donnez ès assemblés . . . en l’abbaye Sainct Germain des prez, etc. . . . Paradoxe sur le faict des monnoyes. Paris, 1578, 8vo.

————   Des mines d’argent trouvées en France. Paris, 1834, 8vo., (included in M. L. Cimber’s “Archives Curieuses.”)    805. b. (3.)

Gaubil (Antoine).   Chronologie Chinoise. Paris, 1776, 4to.    146. b. 20.

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Nothing whatever is known of the soi disant Justin, who abbreviated in this, the work of Trogus Pompeius. The latter flourished in the Augustan age. “Justin” was probably a monk of the seventh (not the fourth) century.

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An able and useful work, marred by national partiality. According to the writer, Germany comprehended Schleswig-Holstein, Scandinavia, and parts of Gaul, Dacia, Scythia, etc. It was a relief to find that it did not also include China and America!

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————   Los Azogueros dueños de minas, etc. A memorial of mine proprietors to the King. Madrid, 1620, fol.    1324. k. 5. (85.)

————   Gremio de los Azogueros. Madrid, Nov. 12, 1636, fol.    725. k. 18. (32.)

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Priestley (Joseph), Rev.   History of Early Opinions concerning Jesus Christ. Birmingham, 1786, 4 vols, 8vo.

The philosophical and theological works of Priestley, of which latter this is the principal one, are both numerous and verbose. They wholly fail to explain the history of Christianity.

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————   Secret Hist. of the Court of Justinian. Tr. into Engl., 1674, Lon. 8vo.    1053. a. 2.

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These selections are from the religious hymns and poems adapted by Prudentius from the ancient liturgy, or ascribed to him by later composers.

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————   Hypotheses et Epoques des Planetes, by the Abbé Halma. Paris, 1820, 4to.    49. e. 5.

————   Table Chronologique des Reynes, by the Abbé Halma. Paris, 1819, 4to.    49. e. 4.

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————   La Peuple Primitif. Geneve, 1855-7, 3 toms., 12mo.    10,006. d. e.

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————   Atlands. Swedish and Latin texts. Stockholm, 1863, fol. (Originally printed in Upsal, 1702. The fourth vol., which was only completed to p. 210, is here reprinted in facsimile.)    9435. i.

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————   Table Talk. (Reprint.) London, 1869, 8vo.

Seneca (Lucius Annæus).   De Beneficiis (lib. V is cited in the “Mixt Moneys” case).

————   Claudii Cæsaris Apocolokintosis. A work in which the author ridicules the deification of the Emperor Claudius.

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————   Southern India Chronological Tables, 1894, 8vo.    8562. ff. (34.)

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————   Syntagma. London, 1884, (Reprint,) 8vo.


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————   Fragments of a Treatise on Religion by the Emperor Julian, (A.D. 361-3) preserved by Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, to which are added some other fragments of Julian’s, relative to the Christians. Tr. into Eng. London, 1809, small 8vo. pp. 98. (Very rare, only 25 copies having been privately printed, nearly all of which were destroyed.) The same reprinted in London, 1873.    3670. b.

————   Iamblichus on the Mysteries of the Egyptians. 1821, 8vo.    8460. d.

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————   Translation of the Fragments of Ocellus Lucanus (B. C. 500), on the Nature of the Universe; Taurus, (the Platonist), on the Eternity of the World; Julius Firmicus Maternus, on the Thema Mundi or Geniture of the World (from the third book of the Mathesis); and Proclus, (A.D. 412-85), on the Perpetuity of Time. London, 1831, small 8vo, pp. 96.    8461. bbb. 15.

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————   Descripcao geral e historica das moedas cunhadas em nome dos reis, regentes, e governadores de Portugal. Lisboa, 1874, 8vo.    7757. dd. (7.)

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On page two appears a representation of the Obelisk of Augustus.

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————   View of the Progress of Political Economy in Europe since the 16th Century. London, 1847, 8vo.    1390. d. (12.)

Ulugh Beg, afterwards christened Juan of Persia, q. v.

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————   Hinduism. Published by the Society for the Promotion of Christian knowledge. London, 1877, 8vo.    2212. a.

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————   Ancient Norway. Tr. from the Danish.

Wright (Thomas).   The Celt, the Roman and the Saxon. London, 1885, 8vo.    2258. b.

(An able work drawn chiefly from antiquarian sources.)

Yanguas.   Diccionario de Antigüedades, art. “Moneda.”

Yarranton (Andrew).   England’s improvement by sea and Land; to Outdo the Dutch without fighting; to Pay Debts without Moneys; to set at Work all the Poor of England with the growth of our own Lands; to prevent unnecessary Suits in Law; with the benefit of a voluntary Register (registration of land titles); directions where vast quantities of Timber are to be had for the building of Ships; with the advantage of making the great Rivers of England navigable; rules to prevent Fires in London and other great Cities; with directions how the several companies of handicraftsmen in London may always have cheap Bread and Drink. London, 1577, 2 vols, 4to. (An ingenious and extremely rare work.)

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